Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How is your day going?

First photo is of a large wall I did for my grandson!

Second photo is Dewey &Me 1982

Third photo is of my mom holding Robin, from lt.Bill, Linda
then me, & my twin. Boy was that a long time ago...what fun..I found lots of all photos~~

This one is of me when I was 25 yrs old. I'm now 66 pushing what a difference!

But it's ok...I've realized it's ok to grow older, in fact I'm happy I am where I am today. More wise, but am so much closer to my FATHER!! I would never want to go backwards because I'm comfortable in my own skin!

How about you? Do you find that you are much closer to God?? My journey over the years have been one of way too many wrong roads, but thankfully they've all ended me up where I am today. A happy wife, loving mother, and a blessed grandmother. But most of all I am on what I suspect is my most important journey of all...My personal walk and relationship with my Abba Father...As my sister, Mary would put it " the one who loves me best" My heart filled with such joy the first time I heard her say that! Isn't that a small sentence, but a very big TRUTH??? The ONE who loves you best!!! He made us for HIM...He came down after Adam and Eve listened to satan and disobeyed God, and actually died on the Cross to save us all from a certain life without HIM...meaning we would be lost forever...How little time we have on this earth...just like a pinch of salt compared to just think about that...If you have never accepted God's wonderful free gift, please do so now!!! I know God wants us all to care about those who have not been saved and born again...and those of you who have know my heart!!!! I am so blessed that I've met so many wonderful people here and know that God puts us together to help each other on our journey!!! Have a blessed day Loving the ONE who loves you best!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something new

A 16x20 canvas completed last week...I've been so involved with creating little ATCs and 4x4 chunky book pages lately that I'd gotten away from what I love to create. That would be canvases from my heart...honoring God! I think we can honor God with all different mediums of art can't we?? As I work on a piece of art I'm thinking about our Lord and what HE means to me...this is the truth...He's on my mind and in my heart constantly. My hope is that a painting done with this awesome gift from God will be used to touch other's hearts as I create them for that very purpose. Some have the gift of writing as my dear sister, Mary does...course her art reflects her love for the Lord as well....I'm not a writer even tho I'd love to be it's just not there....sooooo to all who feel something when looking at my art...please know that God loves you...for he made you just for himself. He came down as his son to die on the cross at Calvary for all our sins. Just think about that...I know that most of you who stop by already know our Lord as your saviour...but if there's just one who doesn't know HIM then that is my purpose here...Blessings to all!!!

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