Thursday, June 26, 2008

God has been challenging me!

Gee, it's been so long since I last posted here, but my life has been busy with one thing after I write this please don't think I"m complaining about the things that have been thrown my way...cuz I never ever say *why me??* I know that God has never promised any of us this life here on earth would be easy...but He did say He'd be with us thru all the trials. I can tell ya I've had my share over the years, and could probably write a book about them all...hehehe! Some would say how do you stay so up beat all the time, what are you on...etc. Well let me tell you for many years I've lived with so much pain from the Fibromyalgia, Mofascial Pain, Arthritis, Migraines, IBD and depression...that being because of all the pain...and yes, from PTSD...many unhappy memories from the past still raises it's ugly head at times..many know exactly what I'm referring to when I say **trigger** My Lord has been with me thru it all! There was never a time that I didn't feel HIM near, but there were many times I didn't listen and took the wrong path!!! It was then that I went thru the worst trials...God only allows things to happen to teach us lessons I think...I may be wrong but I do know going thru them has made me stronger and more open to His word!!

Ok, *trial* started way back in May when I had an MRI because I was having severe pain in hips, legs and groin. Thinking it was just the osteo-arthritis attacking another joint, we did the MRI. Well, that hip joint is not the cause of the pain...My Rheumy told me it was the Piriformis muscle that either goes around or thru you Sciatic nerve was really tight and actually squeezing the nerve...well therapy helped that tremendously so I'm much better, BUT on that film we discovered some enlarged lymph that was scary cuz the first thing the radiologist said was, it could be Lymphoma....I'm thinking ok we can deal with that...Mary, my Rheumy said, awwww it's probably just the Fibromyalgia...and I liked that diagnosis..eheheh!! A CT Scan was scheduled for June to check on them to see if they were any bigger...that's what the do!!! In the mean time the basil cell cancer was back on my that's the only little thing on my body, and they've already done several surgeries and a MOHS which is where the cut, biopsy, the cut, biopsy till there is no more...could be once or five never know. Mine was 3 times...left there looking like I had little Christmas bandage on my nose....ehhehe!! The skin was taken from my right ear!!! Yes from inside my's the only thing still bothers me..and don't really know why!!! Maybe it's just that the skin is tighter inside my ear...don't know!!! Now I'm told I have to have another MOHS....after my dermatologist did a biopsy. Now just before that was confirmed the CT Scan was done...they discovered a spot...Colon Cancer was breathed...I'm think, God this can't be true, right??? I pray that it's not, but again we'll deal with it. I had to have another Colonoscopy...right away in 2 days...3 polyps are removed, and a well...what that means I don't know but we are waiting for the results...It's been almost 3 wks...where are the results...I"m think it's probably because the report was sent to my Rheumy and she's on the thing for me to do is call the dr who did the Colonoscopy and ask...that's what I'm gonna do today....See we all go thru little trials daily I think...ok before I finish this little blog I have to tell you what happen over the last weekend. I went out to our front deck and discovered the big cat was getting ready to pounce on a bluebird house that had a pair nesting in it...I hurried (can't really run) to reach the birdhouse when my right foot hit the 2x4 at the bottom of our deck was warped and sticking out about 3 to 4 inches at the bottom...soooooooooooooo that board actually went right between the third and forth toes...Yep I suspected the toe was broken when I looked down (after reaching the birdhouse and moving it) and the forth toe was sitting sideways ontop of the baby toe!!! OUCHY!!!! it was already strarting to bruise, and swell...I'm thinking to myself...Ok Lord we will let the swelling go down then I will take the two toes together like they would do if I went to the dr....well that swelling didn't wan to go done even tho I put ice on it and kept it up most of the time...(except when I was check in with Etsy...hehehehe!!) Picture this, I was sitting at the table looking at a paper when my 30lbs pug, Wrinkles started running thru the house, out the back door, back in and yep...jumped right on my toe...oh my what a shock, and the pain shot thru my whole body...I couldn't say a word.. course I didn't have any protection at all on my swelled even more so my dh came home and took me to the hospital for an x-ray after I called my other dr to send over an order for one. No need to go to see her as I knew it was broken...just needed to be sure the Metatarsal bone wasn't...IT WASN'T Praise the Lord...I just came home, put cotton around the broken toe the used elastic bandage to secure it....perhaps it will heal now. I'm sure you've had days and weeks like I've had...hummm would you like to share some of those stories and how they affected your life with Christ...I know for sure no matter what comes from the tests I've had God will walk with me every step of the way...but I have a real peace about it!

My hope is always with the Lord!!! Where is your hope???? I ask because you need to know where you will go when you die...we can choose to go to heaven and have eternity with God by accepting God's free gift...realizing that have been born a sinner, but by Grace you have been saved by the blood of Jesus who died for all mankind on a cross....please choose to life..with HIM!!!! God bless all those how pass by this blog!!!! Bevie

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