Saturday, May 30, 2009

The beauty of birth!

I'm sure you thought after reading this title I was going to talk about a new grandchild or something didn't you? Oh it would be wonderful to welcome in to our family a new baby, but I think our children have given us all they intend to...14 is a great many don't you think? As I sat down to look at my blog I was thinking about what had just happened when I went to look at these darling little baby Robins I discovered last week. At the very moment I walked over to where they are nesting my husband decided to start an old Ford truck that doesn 't have a muffler system...Yikes, it was deafening, but worse was that three of the five babies flew out of the nest and tried to go thru the wire fence. One got stuck so I helped it thru while it's parents were hovering above. You'd think they'd have attacked me, but I think they knew I was only helping. The doggy run fence in over 6ft tall so only one bird made it over. It's quite possible this was their maiden flight who knows. I walked away slowly taking the pugs with me (they went up to the bird, but didn't attempt to hurt them) and sat in a chair so I could see what would come next. I could hear the parents making all kinds of noise, and all of a sudden the little one in the run flew up and over and on to a hug tall tree where the other birds were waiting. Momma and pappa joined them. Isn't it wonderful how being parents comes so naturally to animals, but humans sometimes find it difficult. I guess I don't mean in the beginning cuz the motherly instinct usually kicks in ...but a bit later when things begin to happy...well that's another story so we'll just leave this one with the happy ending for the time being. Course there are two more babies still in the nest. Now why didn't I get a photo of the little ones running around the cage??? Course you guessed right...didn't bring the camera with me...DAH!!!!
Have a most blessed Sunday, and remember God loves you all and so do I!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We had a little visitor

Yep, it was Sunday...Dewey was sitting in the recliner I was busy doing something and he yelled saying, "Look there's a hummingbird in the house!" Of course I came running (well almost eheh) in time to see that tiny little thing sweep up under the short valance on the bay window. I went towards it, and Dewey told me not to try to get it cuz it would bit me...I know better, so reached up and got it between my fingers with it's head out...It was like a dance in slow motion...I actually didn't stumble or loose my balance when catching it...hehhe! I don't usually have their feeders out this early, but will get them out quickly so they have something till the flowers start blooming. Have several butterfly bushes and lots of other flowers they love getting ready to bloom. Dewey (hubby) said having a bird fly in the house means a death in the family. We know that's not true it's just that the bird wanted to come in and say hi!!!
Just had to share that with you all...God has blessed us with so many wonderful birds and wild animals and living in the woods as we do we have the pleasure in seeing them all the time. I paint birdhouses then we put them on all the posts around the fence in the back..course there are also birdhouses on the front deck, and in trees in the's like a wonderful symphony here in the morning, well all day for that matter...that's something that makes me smile!!!
What makes you smile???? Really I'd love to know, and so would others coming to visit my blog...

By the way I'd love extend a big Thank You to all that have found their way here and have enjoyed what they've makes me smile too!!!!
blessings to all..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What makes your heart skip a beat?

The big question was asked, *what makes your heart skip a beat* There are several things that make mine skip...I think the biggest is when my hubby puts his arms around me and says he loves me. After almost 27 yrs he continues to show his love in so many ways...not flowers, but he gives of himself!! Seeing all the new spring flowers, and how everything looks after a rain when the sun comes out...not to forget a rainbow! My daughter's friend Melinda wrote a book before she passed saying *look for the rainbow for I'll be dancing on it!* Each time my children and their children come to heart skips and skips..hehehe!! My there are so many things making my heart skip...isn't it just wonderful when it happens?? Brings such joy.. Knowing I have the Comforter in me makes my heart skip too!!!

You all must join in and share *what makes your heart skip a beat?* Writing about all those things will bring back some really fond memories!!!


Thanks Marcela for making another great Party!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm so delighted to share this awesome blog with you all. I found it thru another blog and know that so many moms will find it a blessing to read. Wonderful wisdom and insite which I know comes from God.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

God has opened the heavens

I was sitting here thinking about all the rain we've gotten here in VA over the past week...almost everyday we've had down falls that have raised the rivers and streams to overflowing...It's good to have all this rain at this time of year cuz it helps get out water tables up especially for those will wells. Just think about all the good rain brings to not only us, but to the wildlife too. Birds of all kinds even turkeys find a wonderful meal of worms that have worked there way up to the surface of the ground. New tender grass and folage spring up in the woods and fields giving food to the deer. Our perennial gardens spring to life as they get drenched in wonderful rain water. Can't you just see God up there in the Heavens spreading His awesome arms showering all the land with fresh, clean water??? Our rain has stopped for a moment giving us a chance to go out and smell the clean air and listening to all the different birds singing their awesome songs of thanks!!! My hubby and I have been so blessed to have found this little home surrounded by some really tall, old trees...Trees that house so many of my painted birdhouses. To see birds making their nest in them is just awesome...Then there are the ones I've painted that we've put on top over most of the posts holding up our fence.
I just wanted to share why I'm so happy to have the rains falling even if they last for days...God always knows best doesn't He...we don't always know that there's going to be a drout. Think about it!!! I give thanks for all the many blessings my Lord has given to me and my family...even through the tough times, especially through those times...I pray each of you have an awesome week, and don't forget to reach out to someone in brings so much joy to those who do!!!
God Bless,

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