Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall is here

I have to share with you where this little or should I say BIG gem came from. That pile behind the sunflower is horse manure from a relatives farm...yep, it just grew right up from doesn't look as good as it does here cuz time has passed and fall is upon us. I'll harvest the seeds and plant them around the yard next year in the hopes we will produce many many more.

All the Seasons have special meaning for me, but Fall and Spring are my favorites...Fall because it's everything beginning to hybernate, leaves turning then falling to the ground...The smell, oh the sweet smell of Fall. The chill in the air early in the morning, having coffee out on the deck all bundled up in a robe and slippers just to be able to see all the beautiful our land holds. We love living up in the mountains where the wild animals roam free. We enjoy filling the feeders for the birds, and even throwing out apples that have passed their eating stage to the deer.

Can't you just visualize what the next few months are going to bring, colder nights and mornings, frost on the ground, and the glistening of little crystals hitting the ground as either ice or snow. The children in the area coming out to play in it. Us grown ups grabbing the shovels to push that snow away from the walks so no one falls. Yes I love this time of year. Getting ready for Thanksgiving, contemplating who will come for a big feast this year. Thoughts of all the love our family shares, but being so wrapped up in OUR lives we forget to keep in just happens...time gets away from us, and we shouldn't let it. I will invite all my family for Thanksgiving Dinner this year...wanting to see them to tell them how much I love them. My heart sometimes feels as though it's going to burst with such love I feel. My children all have their own lives and families so don't know if they will come.

My siblings are all scattered in different States, some near some far. One sister, Linda is in FL and was spared the damage some were left with from the hurricanes. Praise the Lord. My baby sister, whom I adore, lives in GA, and has been teaching me so much about love and forgiveness thru her beautiful journals. She started this journey as a way of finding out things she'd forgotten as a child. I knew God would open her soul to let her see the beauty within, and how good and worthy she is. So many things can leave scars we sometimes don't even remember...but they dig at our hearts even so....well, this has been an interesting blog to be sure one I am not going to edit am not even going to go back, and read. Let it be I say...God provides. Blessings to all who may come and read this blog.

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