Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning!

This is what I woke to yesterday morning! The birds were flying up into the trees causing the snow to fall every which way making it a joy to watch..they were swooping down for feed we'd put out for them. God brings us much beauty to see doesn't he? The next snow is due around noon tomorrow. Washington DC is supposed to get about a foot, but up here in the mountains North of there we could get far more...We are ready even if we can't get out for days. I pray for all those in the path of this storm that they be safe and ready. Ahhh are you ready for the biggest event yet to come??? I pray also for those who haven't chosen to receive God's awesome gift of life with HIM for all eternity...think about it it could be tomorrow or next week...we all need to be prepared...It's the most important decision in our lives...Blessings!!!


Cheryl Ann said...

It looks so pretty there! I love the way snow defines all the lines of the trees.

Stay safe and warm!

Sueann said...

Beautiful! We got some big snows in the last couple of weeks and we were ready too! And as for the big event...we are ready!!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! We are *so* blessed to have such beauty around us! :)

Brenda Salzano said...

I love your blog color and layout Bevie!! So uplifting and pretty. The snow is pretty too, but glad you have it and not me!! LOL!

Many hugs,

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