Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My little babies

These are our precious little pugs, Napoleon, Sadie,and Wrinkles. All this snow has really put a damper on their ability to roam free in the back yard...now they have a lone path my dh did with the snow blower! Sadie is the little quiet one until she sees a squirrel...then the hair jumps up on her back, and the barking starts...Wrinkles would pipe in now and then for his thing is a CAR...Now that we've added Napoleon all three of them are barking away when a squirrel appears...Not thinking I put a bird seed block on the back deck and low and behold what did I find out there eating away the past 2 days, yep a squirrel. Most of them stay beyond the fence knowing Sadie will chase them, but this little guy was determined to get his belly full...As I opened the back door for the dogs to go out this morning all three ran out barking their heads off..ehehehe!!! That little guy was already up on the deck eating....as he ran across the high snow piles Napoleon decided he'd take a shortcut....sure, up he went to the top of the snow that is about 5 ft tall...he didn't sink thank God..for could you just see ME trying to get him out??? NOT
So they have really had their exercise today...running up and down the path first after the little guy, then after those remained behind the fence!!!
Isn't it amazing how just little things can bring such joy to our hearts?? I love it!!!
Hope you weren't bored...and I"m not going to proof read it so excuse the mistakes..eehehhe~~~


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Oh... I never knew how much a dog could become part of the family until we got our weimaraner! He does not like the snow at all... so he just stands guard over the glass doors and barks at anything and everything that comes into view!! He is SO ready for winter to be over! ;)

Sueann said...

Your babies are so precious! And what fun they are having!! Good for them.

littlethings1 said...

Your "babies" are so adorable ! Give them a big hug from me ..okay !? The snow will melt soon ! Have a blessed day !

Carey said...

Hi Bevie,

If I read the list correctly I will be sending you my basket for the Easter Basket Swap. I will be checking out your blog and finding out what you like. I will email you also. Love the pictures of your doggies above. It is very nice to meet you.

Mollye said...

Hi Bevie, C'mon over and find out who your Bunny Swap Partner is! XXLuv Ya, Mollye

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