Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Look what I woke to yesterday!

I can't tell you how much this awesome sight touched my heart and spirit! As you know we've been surrounded by so much snow, and not much sun...well it was actually Sunday this morning as I headed for the front deck with my first cup of coffee...I don't go anywhere without my camera so when I opened the front door to take a peek at the birds singing while filling their little bellies I was greeted with just a touch of that golden light off in the distance! I turned on my camera, and got the first shot (there were actually 6 in all.ehehe) I breathed in the cool morning air as I sipped my coffee waiting for the sun to rise more thinging to myself, "God you give us so much, things that money can't buy" and I thank you so much for providing for us. Right???


Mary said...

Beautiful, wish I had been there with you sister!

I love you!

Sueann said...

Amen!!! Love your photos!

Christina Colwell said...

lots and lots of snow. ugh! The photos are lovely. You are a person with a heart of gratitude. It keeps envy away. Be blessed today Bevie.

Carey said...

Hi Bevie,
I am your bunny swap partner.
Mollye asked me to contact you. I have your basket all ready. I have gone over your blog to see what you like. I had emailed you some time ago for your address but have had no reply. If there is any problem let me know.
Thanks and have a great day.

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