Monday, October 12, 2009

What an honor to receive this awesome award!

I received this awesome award from my dear friend Darlene of A dancing Mango. I'm truly honored to be among the ladies receiving it too!!!
How wonderful it is to have met so many loving Christian ladies who love sharing their love for our Lord as well and their art... The gift from God that allows us to create!!!
So in that same vein I'd like to share this award with women who have touched my life in so many ways .


Jennifer said...

Truly a gift from God that allows us to create! Congratulations on the awesome award!!

slommler said...

Thank you sweetie!!! This is a surprise and a blessing!! Praise the Lord!!

Donna said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me with your award, it truly is very kind and generous of you to consider me...thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog :) Donna x

Julie-ann Bowden said...

Bevie, you so deserve this award.
Lovely to visit your blog and find that you have received this.
You are a special lady Bevie!

Mary said...

Thank you my dear sweet sister!

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