Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some concerns

I have a prayer request for my youngest daughter, Melissa. Let me give you a little history (some already know about her) Missy was born with a very rare genetic muscle disease that they call, Multi-core myopathy since the team of drs who diagnosed her in 1977 didn't name it. Her actually condition is a loss of cross striations in the muscle fibrils. This means the heart as well as all other striated muscles...the early years were spent going back and forth to Children's in DC..spending weeks at a time when pneumonia hit. (that was once a month) in the beginning we realized she also had a condition where the jaw didn't grow, the mouth opening was very very small and her tongue was very thick making nursing impossible, and even taking a bottle too. I used an eyedropper for a time. Since there were only about 50 cases being following in the US that were similar there wasn't much known about it. It's been said to be under the umbrella of they followed her for 18 long years. Ok that's about prognosis has every been given because it's so rare. Missy is now 33 yrs old, had a procedure last week at UVA to find out if there was any growths down her throat causing the inability to swollow well. The results of the the scope were good however it didn't go so well with anestheisia. The two drs who took care of her decided not to use the gas they use to keep people under during a procedure, because Missy stands the chance of developing Mylignant Hyperthermia ( a fever so high it would bake the brain) They were very careful not to put her totally under to lessen the chance of her stopping to breath. Well she did so more invasive treatment was used...After it was over they advised us Missy needs to keep her medilert bracelet on and get a necklace as well. So you see if she were ever in an accident and an ENT needed to tube her they could actually kill her in the process...Ok enough of this...they reason I'm telling you all this is that several days after the visit to UVA Missy came down with Pneumonia...she's hasn't been hospitalized although they have do breathing treatments and she's on a good antibiotic, but we need prayer...Knowing full well there have been many miracles in our daughter's life we are praying for another...that she gets thru this illness and is able to get the 2 flu shots. For her with all her problems it would be very dangerous if she got that my friends please join me and my family in lifting Missy up to God in prayer...knowing full well that He's been with her all her life providing miracle after miracle to keep her alive, and for all that I give HIM all the praise and glory!!! thanks so much and if there's a need amongst you all please add it here so we can hold you up as well...we know there's perfect Power in Prayer!!!


mystele said...

thank you so much for allowing me to join you in prayer...

Sueann said...

You have my prayers as well Bevie!!

laurel said...

I'll keep Missy in my prayers.

Poetic Artist said...

You have my prayers.

pchickki said...

Oh my goodness Bevie. I did not know about your dear daughter. Of course I will pray for her. Please keep us posted.
God Bless you

Anonymous said...

Hi Bevie!!
I have missed you. You and your family are always in my prayers. I will add extra for you sweet daughter. I know you are very close and I hope he is up and Feeling Back To herself. love and huggs My Friend. Darlin

Artgalcrafts said...

the things some people have to bear is almost unbearable for others to hear about.
I had tears in my eyes for you all.
I wish you all the very best and marvel at Missys life so far.
I found you by scrolling for other things. Was meant to be here today.
God bless you al, will say a pray for you all, and thank the Lord for my blessed life.

Dest said...

Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.
Matthew 18:18-20

Thank-you for sharing your heart and allowing us to join you in your battle.Please know that you are loved my friend and that our prayers are with you all.
May God hear and grant to you the petitions of your heart as we lift our voices as one to the throne. The battle is His this day and all glory be unto Him.
In Christ, Dest

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