Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some flowers in my garden

There are still some perennial plants getting ready to bloom, but I thought I'd share just a few. It's wonderful to drive up to the house and see so much color around the house, then all the tall trees with beautiful green leaves spreading over them like a blanket up high. They are just enough apart to allow sun thru most of the time!!!
My veggies aren't doing as well, we got only 2 yellow squash off 6 plants, but as soon as the blooms open the are gone the next day...I think either the little chipmunks are feasting on them or the birds...At least there are many stands all around town with plenty to's so nice to grow your own, but at least we are helping other families when we purchase their crops.
I wanted to wish everyone a very safe and Happy 4th...if you are traveling I pray for safe travel.


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

PRETTY!! I'm sure it is so nice to drive up and see those beautiful colors!!

Poetic Artist said...

Such beauty in your garden..Just like the woman that lives there.

Anonymous said...

Those are such beautiful flowers. Seeing your plants has reminded me how much I miss having a garden of my own. Maybe I'll start some "container" gardening. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

PS - I've given you the One Lovely Blog award. :) You can pick it up at my 07/09/09 blog post. Congrats!

Leah said...

I love all your flower and butterfly pics, Bevie!

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