Thursday, May 14, 2009

We had a little visitor

Yep, it was Sunday...Dewey was sitting in the recliner I was busy doing something and he yelled saying, "Look there's a hummingbird in the house!" Of course I came running (well almost eheh) in time to see that tiny little thing sweep up under the short valance on the bay window. I went towards it, and Dewey told me not to try to get it cuz it would bit me...I know better, so reached up and got it between my fingers with it's head out...It was like a dance in slow motion...I actually didn't stumble or loose my balance when catching it...hehhe! I don't usually have their feeders out this early, but will get them out quickly so they have something till the flowers start blooming. Have several butterfly bushes and lots of other flowers they love getting ready to bloom. Dewey (hubby) said having a bird fly in the house means a death in the family. We know that's not true it's just that the bird wanted to come in and say hi!!!
Just had to share that with you all...God has blessed us with so many wonderful birds and wild animals and living in the woods as we do we have the pleasure in seeing them all the time. I paint birdhouses then we put them on all the posts around the fence in the back..course there are also birdhouses on the front deck, and in trees in the's like a wonderful symphony here in the morning, well all day for that matter...that's something that makes me smile!!!
What makes you smile???? Really I'd love to know, and so would others coming to visit my blog...

By the way I'd love extend a big Thank You to all that have found their way here and have enjoyed what they've makes me smile too!!!!
blessings to all..


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Oh... you are so lucky! I live in Nebraska and very rarely get to see hummingbirds. We saw our first one in our yard last summer, hope to see more this year!

Rita T. said...

How fun!

Donna Bragg said...

That is so sweet! My mother loves Hummingbirds too, and she puts out hummingbird feeders every year to attract them. She eventually gets them. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

I too have had some visitors come over. There are 3 ducks that come to my door daily for about 3 weeks now. I give them bread and placed a bowl of water out front and they keep comging back. Some days, I will look out side and they are sleeping in my yard. I have been taking pictures. I will post them on my site soon!

GOD Bless You sister!

In CHRIST's Love,

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I am amazed you were able to catch it! They are so sweet and fast, too!

Unknown said...

Hummingbirds are my very favorite visitor to the yard! I just had a ruby throated hummer at my feeder and I could hardly catch my breath from the excitement! Kudos to you for keeping such a cool head and catching the little guy so safely.

And thank you for your very kind remarks about my wedding jewelry on my blogs - very much appreciated. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Then I see these lovely birds how precious are they!

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