Saturday, May 30, 2009

The beauty of birth!

I'm sure you thought after reading this title I was going to talk about a new grandchild or something didn't you? Oh it would be wonderful to welcome in to our family a new baby, but I think our children have given us all they intend to...14 is a great many don't you think? As I sat down to look at my blog I was thinking about what had just happened when I went to look at these darling little baby Robins I discovered last week. At the very moment I walked over to where they are nesting my husband decided to start an old Ford truck that doesn 't have a muffler system...Yikes, it was deafening, but worse was that three of the five babies flew out of the nest and tried to go thru the wire fence. One got stuck so I helped it thru while it's parents were hovering above. You'd think they'd have attacked me, but I think they knew I was only helping. The doggy run fence in over 6ft tall so only one bird made it over. It's quite possible this was their maiden flight who knows. I walked away slowly taking the pugs with me (they went up to the bird, but didn't attempt to hurt them) and sat in a chair so I could see what would come next. I could hear the parents making all kinds of noise, and all of a sudden the little one in the run flew up and over and on to a hug tall tree where the other birds were waiting. Momma and pappa joined them. Isn't it wonderful how being parents comes so naturally to animals, but humans sometimes find it difficult. I guess I don't mean in the beginning cuz the motherly instinct usually kicks in ...but a bit later when things begin to happy...well that's another story so we'll just leave this one with the happy ending for the time being. Course there are two more babies still in the nest. Now why didn't I get a photo of the little ones running around the cage??? Course you guessed right...didn't bring the camera with me...DAH!!!!
Have a most blessed Sunday, and remember God loves you all and so do I!!!


pchickki said...

What a neat thing to experience. Glad the little ones are okay and they didn't get hurt. Bless You for helping.
Have a great Sunday Bevie

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev, what a sweet story, how you tried to save all the baby robins. How your pugs warhced you and knew not to harm the robin on the ground. Finally the baby robin flew to its parents. So sweet!
Thank you so much for your lovely message, really special to hear from you.

Have a great weekend!

Mary said...

Hi sis, thanks for sharing your sweet adventure with the babies - I just love to watch them. And thank you for your words of encouragement you left on my blog. Yes, HE will complete what HE has begun. In HIS perfect timing.

Love you bunches!!

EWian said...

What a grate wonder to witness, the birds taking there first flight, talk about trusting there parents! Thanks for sharing the moment.


LindaGJ said...

What a beautiful story! I just received a "Lovely Blog Award" and am allowed to send it to several of my favorite blogs and I chose this one as one of my faves!
To see what I'm talking about, you may visit my blog later this afternoon! Isn't nature AWESOME?
Linda :)

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