Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a beautiful day this is

Even though the sun hasn't been out much today it's still beautiful...sometimes an overcast day allows you to see things you don't when it's bright and sunny! We (hubby and I) walked around the yard looking for any evidence that Spring isn't far away. There has been a sighting in the perennial gardens, but today we pulled back some leaves, and found dozens of daffodils hidding there...they were up outta the ground about 2 inches!! How lovely they will be when they start blooming. Then as we walked I noticed something green over by both wagonwheels at the end of the drive. Yep, more green peeking up at us. That's where my beautiful white Clamatis and some irises grow each year. I thought about taking my camera, but Dewey was anxious to get going so I thought it would be better to get pictures when the sun is out anyway. As we walking around the perimeter of the front yard Dewey decided to go back for the saw...there was a hug tree down so today was the day for it to be cut into firewood for someone hehehhe!! He looked at me, and was about to say something when I said, "why don't we cut slabs off that tree so I can paint on them" funny thing that's what he was about to say!! I got a dozen good specimens 14 to 16 inches in diameter and 2 inches thick. We've treated for bugs, and will now let them dry. I'll sand them then paint something on them, and varnish them....I was thinking they would look great in the flowerbeds as stepping stones..but he seems to think someone might want them for their homes...meaning we could sell them!!!
Back in the house I went to my studio to work on a very special's for someone very dear to me, and want it to be a nice surprise!! It's more than half finished so I'll be posting it in a day or two.
What are the things you like doing for those in your life who you care so much about?? Do you make them something then give it outta the blue?? I love doing that...or sending something I think that person might like. I've seen the generosity in those I've meet here in blogland, and in all the Ning Networks I belong to. Just think how much it would mean to do something special for someone you don't know. I can tell you that's what really makes me happy...but it's become a bit difficult to do right now with the economy the was it is....We can always give of ourselves tho can't we?? Going to a nursing home to sit with someone in need of company, and perhap read. I loved going and fixing elderly ladies hair when I was younger, but I could still do that. There are numerous things we can get involved with that not only will help someone else, but make you feel good as well....
Please have a blessed week knowing you are truly loved!!!

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Autumn Rose Crafts said...

I noticed Narcissus in our garden only yesterday! I must admit it lifted my heart when I saw them, lovely feeling spring starting!

I love painting wood, I make keepsake boxes and this year for Mothers day Im hoping to fill one with a memory book for my mom.
God bless, Take care Sarah x

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