Sunday, March 22, 2009

Passionate Blogger!

I received this darling award from my friend Rita who's blog I follow and have happily added her button to my blog. She's a delightful person, and I do hope you'll visit her blog soon!!!
I'm going to pass this award on to a couple people I feel has this Passion for blogging too.
Please pick up your award and post it proudly on your blogs, ladies. Pass it on if you have the time but don't feel pressured. These things are supposed to be fun and not a chore.


Mary said...

Thank you my sweet sister.
Did your realize you will be here over Easter?? When I booked your flight I did not notice that. I hope that is not a problem.

Love you!!

Patti said...

Very nice award Bevie
Congratulations you deserve it!
God Bless You

Bev said...

Nope Mary not a problem at all!!! We haven't spent Easter together oh my I can't remember when...60 yrs???


thank you Bev, I sure appreciate your kindness. This came at time when I really needed to feel that someone cares about me. And you so deserve this award also, you are such a inspiration to are
so loving and accepting of everyone and never have negative feelings about others. God bless you and have a wonderful Easter with your sister. I so wish me & my sister had the same relationship as you and Mary.
Take care of yourself and very many thanks !

Cathy said...

thanks, bev!

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