Thursday, January 14, 2010

What an awesome day!

It's absolutely beautiful today....sunny and 50 degrees...Thank you Lord !!! I walked down our driveway at 6:30 this morning to catch a neighbor and it was 20 degrees...Yes I put a nice warm long coat on, but should have added a hat as well. heheh!! As the sun came up and the birds began their singing I thought I won't need the fireplace today...and I was right...we are having a heat wave..hehehehhe!!! I have the back door open so I can let all that wonderful smelling air in...(not for too long tho) I caught some squirrels digging in the coating of snow that still covers most of the ground. I suspect theres corn still under it. I can just smell the next season you ever feel that??? I can visualize the new little seedlings popping up from the defrosting ground...and the buds on the trees that have been uncovered for the winter...what a lovely thought for me...for the new warmth of Spring brings warmth to my old bones..hehehhe!!
So I'm sitting here thinking I need to get up and talk a little walk on the deck to get a good dose of Vitamin only takes 15 mins to get your daily requirement!!! Did you know that??? That's what Dr OZ says..hehehe!!! I'm in a very happy joyious mood today. Things can be off in other areas, but feeling the warmth from the Sun makes me think of my heavenly Father...well so many things do, how about you??? What brings the Face Of our Father to your mind?? I think of him most of the day really....I see all his creations around me and I feel his love inside me. It's wonderful to know he's inside me and around me filling me with HIS grace and Love!!!
We are truly blessed aren't we?? Blessings for a wonderful day.
Please remember to give what you can to our Red Cross or wherever you normally give when tragic hits our neighbors. (((hugs)))


sassydesigns said...

Hi Bevie!
What a beautiful day is right! The chill is gone! After weeks of teen temps, it reached the 40's, hip hip hooray! I am ready for those robins to come home! Hope your Christmas was wonderful, blessings to you and yours.

Mary said...

Hi sis, it was lovely here today. It hit 61. I was able to sit a bit on the screened porch!

I have been cleaning, and organizing. Trying to weed out clothes and things to give away. I so wish you lived closer!!!

I love you!!

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