Saturday, December 13, 2008

What Christmas means to me

Looking back at the Christmas of my youth I remember waking Christmas morning to the smell of fresh pine. All of us kids would run to basement to see what we'd been longing to see....the real tree all decorated with lights, and ornaments, and of course the tinsil. At first we thought Santa Claus brought the tree during the night decorating it just for us, but later we realized it was dad who stayed up all night decorating it for us!!! Those were the days!!! We all felt so blessed to see our *one* gift under the tree. Yep, mine was usally a pair of new shoes. This particular year they were a beautiful, shinny pair of black penny loafers. As I put my foot down into the shoe I realized it wasn't the right size, but because I was afraid mom and dad would take them back I didn't say anything. I wore those shoes for over a year even tho they were too tight...boy did my feet hurt.
As we grew up many of us decided we'd see that our kids got more than we got...not the way to think, but I'm just as guilty. Celebrating the birth of Christ each year is what should be uppermost in our minds and is something that makes us all feel good...but giving of our time helping one another is a better gift indeed. I'm using the God given talent to paint little gifts for friends and family. There are so many things we could do to make things easier for others, like offering a day of babysitting to a gal so she can have that time to get things done she otherwise wouldn't. I used to do that when I was young. Helping an elderly person with her groceries will make you feel great inside too (it's so true) Random acts of kindness makes those giving of themselves feel so wonderful...I know it does me...
Ok, one more thing,
I want to wish each and everyone who happens by this blog a very Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!!

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Mary said...

You know sis, I don't really remember any Christmases while in Hollywood. I think I remember Dad not wanting any help with the tinsel!!! I remember bits and pieces after Dad remarried.

You are so right about the giving of self more than lots of gifts.

Love you!!!

Unknown said...

Love you sis!!! I think much was blocked because of the circumstances!!!

mimi said...

I so agree with you Bevie, about keeping Christ in Christmas. It is so easy to get caught up in all the gift buying and giving that the real meaning of Christmas is lost. I must admit I can be guilty of this myself. I love to give gifts!! I hope you have a Blessed Christmas.

Unknown said...

Hi Mimi, I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Christmas day!!! (((hugs)))

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