Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Valentine Swap

We are having a Valentine Swap in ECS come take a look, and join in the fun!!!


Mary said...

Wow my sister. Thank you for your words of encouragement and love. They bless my socks off. BUT! Do not and I mean do not feel any way responsible. You were a child yourself, dealing with huge, hurtful, wounding issues!!!! And it was all allowed by God, he uses everything in our lives to mold and change us. And yes, as we feel more accepted by God as we are, faults and all, and worthy not in our own standing, but because what Jesus did for us we begin to really accept in our hearts, not just our heads that we are loved. That is freeing indeed!!!!
I love you more than you know!!!!

Unknown said...

Well sweetie, I heard you loud and clear...but there are times I wonder what would have happened if dad hadn't kicked me out!!! I know we can't go back and change things, and really it has been a learning process, and I'm truly happy where I am...you just don't know how much you've touched my heart over the years!!!! One day you will tho...I love you beyond words...it's a heart thing you see..ehehehe!!! (((Hugs)))

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