Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good morning!

I was going thru all the photos I have yet to put in albums (there are way too many) found several of my son Chas when he was just a baby. This was taken when I was only 21 yrs old...Yikes...could that really be me??? Can you believe he was that *healthy* from just breast milk??? Yep! Those were tough days however because of bad choices I married a man who was abusive both physically and mentally. It lasted only 5 yrs and I was blessed to get out with my life and my son...he went on to marry 6 more times never changing and passed away last year. So sad, but I thank God for being there with me thru it all.
I can remember so many times when I found myself in one bad situation after another, some because of bad choices, some from being in the wrong place at the wrong time!!! I won't go into all that because it's in the past, and I've realized that life is just too short to beat those old times over and over again...wouldn 't you agree?? I know sometimes we do have to go back and deal with things to be able to put them to rest...I believe I've done that with most things...I still have dreams that take me back to my childhood...don't know why, but I'm all for living in the now!!! Having found this wonderful place to finally share all what I do with likeminded people who have become so very dear to my heart makes everyday a treasure. Funny how many things just doing seem to matter anymore...I feel God's presence everytime I pick up a paintbrush. I really do believe HE gives us these talents to share with others don't you??? My heart is so full I of love for all those I've met here, (mostly for bringing my sister and I together in a very special way) ehhehe!! Here I am back to my sweet sister. What can I say, being here sharing everything I do with her means so much!!! Now, I am wishing each of you a wonderfully blessed day today...and a full week of wonderful discoveries to paint, think about and to share!!! (((hugs))) Bevie


Ardene said...

Wonderful post Bevie and beautiful picture. You should have been a movie star! Have a great week.

Bevie said...

Honey aren't you the bestest friend a gal could have. Remind me to tell you some of the fun things I did back doing the traffic report from a helicopter one morning...or the ribbons I won dancing!!! Or the date I got (but didn't keep) with Hugh O'Brian the actor....or the job offer I got from Mr. Douglas with McDonald Douglas Airways...and the fun went on!!! hehehe

Charlie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog...I see we are friends at maniacs as well. Good luck with your art and look forward to reading more of your post.

Lesley said...

Hi Bevie,

Thank you for visiting my blog. With regards purchasing mountboard for atcs, I am not sure if you can buy it online but many photo framing shops are happy to give away their offcuts!
Card is OK too for atcs though.
Lesley x

mystele said...

bevie, hi!!! oh my word- what a knock-out you and mary are just beautiful. and, your "healthy" baby has me cracking up! take care, and i'll be reading!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Bevie, GOD IS SO GOOD! You and I are kindred spirits. Last Saturday I recently told the story of how I met my husband. He has been such a blessing to my daughter and I and of course is a great daddy to our son.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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