Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hope you are having a blessed day

Today it's sunshine and warmth unlike yesterday which was cloudy and raining. We had some really warm days off and on the past couple weeks, but today promises to be the warmest!! It's going up to 70 plus a reminder what we have to look forward to in about 2 mos...weeeeee!!! I'm definately not a winter person although I do love seeing the snow!!! My husband raked the two perennial gardens the other day getting it ready for those lovely little sprouts to spring up!!! At the end of summer I planted several more perennials so the gardens should be nice and full this year! This is one of Gods wonderful blessings to us don't you think?? He gives us so much beauty to enjoy...the birds singing in the morning, the butterflies flittering around all the sweet smelling flowers, and of course we have many butterfly bushes for them and the hummers. Then there's the new green grass, and oh yes, the trees all putting on their Spring dressings...first the and cherry blossoms are my favorite, and of course the bees love them too. Can't believe I saw my first 2 honey bees just 2 or 3 days ago. My hope is that we have a great harvest of vegetables this sister had her husband make her some raised beds a couple years back that produced more than enough for their family and members of their Church. Now that's what I hope to do this year. Share with neighbors, friends and family because that's doing what our heart tells us to do. God made us to be here for others wouldn't you agree? I feel that's why so many of us find it easy to share what we's just part of who we are. My husband made me 3 raised beds last year, but it didn't produce much because we didn't give them enough nutrition I think...I'm gonna post that beautiful sunflower that grew outta the pile of horse manure last's a remember that God allows growth in all things, and actually expects it. We are putting the beds inside the back fence where they will get better sun, water and more attention from me!! Yes, I admit I didn't tend my garden like I should have...and see what happened, we didn't have a good harvest!!! I hear the whisper of God telling me to give of myself helping those around me even if it's just to listen...perhaps to give a hug, or a few hours of my time!! That doesn't cost a thing but can be so helpful for others. Ok I'm rambling and will stop here, but please know that each of us can do so many things to make life better for those around us...I plan to do more, will you??
love you all, and so does God!! Course you knew that didn't you???


pchickki said...

Wow, I have always wanted to plant a garden. I couldn't do it in CA because I worked to much. Here my neighbor has a huge garden and he supplies me with so many veggies and fruit. i call him my produce man!

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

I have loved reading your blog, please consider sending an inspirational thought to

Sarah x

Bevie said...

Hello. I've been visiting off and on for a few days now. I did a search for blogs run by people named "Bevie". That's what I call myself. It's a pen name. I write stories.

I like it that you post scripture and reference God in your work. Been down for a few days and coming here this morning was very uplifting. Thank you.

I'm up in Minnesota. Our spring is going to come later than yours, I think.

Have a great day. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bevie I can't locate your email and I wanted to write to thank you for the awesome zne atc and for the birthday wishes. Belated happy birthday to you as well. Hope it was great. Again thanks for thinking of me. Peace, Mollye

Michele Williams said...

Such an uplifting post. It must be beautiful back there! Bless you....

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